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If someone asks you why you plan to visit Poland, you will give him the 10 reasons…

However, these are not the only arguments to visit Poland

1. Beautiful, but stormy history

Poland becomes a country in 966, expanded to be the greatest country in Europe (under commonwealth with Lithuania) in the 16th century, erased from the maps (1795) and finally retrieved independency after 123 years after completion of the World War I in 1918.

"Fighting Poland"- World War II Polish Underground emblem

“Fighting Poland”- World War II Polish Underground emblem

2. Ancient castles and buildings

In Poland, medieval castles still exist. Poland was the home of many world-famous artists and architects who left behind works of art and buildings of various architectural styles, which can still be admired. Poland has changed its borders many times over the centuries, making it culture vary in different regions and with Jewish culture influence.

Castle in Ogrodzieniec- ruins from 14th/15th century

Castle in Ogrodzieniec- ruins from 14th/15th century

3. You do not need a lot of money

Poland has retained its national currency when joining the European Union, thanks to which the economy develops at its own pace and although it has accelerated, you can still spend less than in other European countries

Visit Poland and don't spend "millions"

Visit Poland and don’t spend “millions”

4. Everyone love to eat, but Poles love to cook!

There are 3 months of proper winter and another 3 months when the temperature is below 10°C. Hence, Poles love to spend time at home and they have a hobby- they love to cook! Further, Polish cuisine is unique but well-known in Europe. One of the disadvantages and additional reasons to wonder is the fact that cooking a traditional polish dinner takes a lot of time.

Traditional Polish dishes- borscht and croquet

Traditional Polish dishes- borscht and croquet

5. „A guest in the house is like God in the house”

You can say that Poles has got the saddest face in the world, you can say that they are not good in “small-talks”, but the thing you cannot take away from them is a skill of hospitality. It does not matter if you are a guest in the house of older or modern generation; all of the people have always something extra in the fridge and the story to tell to make you feel like at home.

Music band in restaurant to pleasure your time

Music bands pleasure your time in many restaurants, especially those in highlander style

6. Bored of exploring- relax on the beach or lake

Poland has 440km of sandy and cliff beaches with an access to the Baltic Sea,  there are 7081 lakes (most of them are located on Mazury in the northern-east part of Poland), 45 mountain ranges, 1 desert and almost 30% of the country is covered by forest. There are 931 cities and more than 1500 villages.
Are you still wondering if you can find something for yourself?

Do you feel relaxing today?

Do you feel relaxing today?

7. Four seasons- everyone will find something for himself

Sunny and reasonable-hot summer, colorful autumn with falling leaves, flamboyant spring and snowy winter. All of these things make nature of Poland so heterogeneous.

Not so bad to visit Poland during autumn

Not so bad to visit Poland during autumn

8. Snow in the winter time

If you write “The Bucket List” you should definitely add there a challenge to survive winter in Poland. In not so exceptional cases temperatures reach 15 degrees… below 0°C! Can you imagine that Poles really appreciate that time? They go for ski, snowboard or make a snowman. Houses are even hotter than during the summertime because of the fireplace’s warmth, and the body heats by the taste of sipped mulled wine with cloves.

9. Easy transport and access to surrounded countries

Poland is the 9th country in Europe in terms of area with (649km length and 689km width), but the destination between the tourist attractions and their multiplicity makes the tourists easy to travel and relocate. In addition, centrally located in Europe makes Poland a transportation hub. There are trains, buses, planes and direct roads which connect you with the most popular Europeans destinations. For example, driving a car from Cracow to the destinations like Prague in the Czech Republic or Vienna in Australia takes 6 hours, and 7 hours to Budapest in Hungary or Berlin in Germany.

Polski Bus- will bring you to Prague, Vienna and many other destinations for little money

Polski Bus- will bring you to Prague, Vienna and many other destinations for little money

10. Curiosity…

Aren’t you curious what makes Poland a “forgotten country” on the touristic map of Europe?  Is it Slavic routes, tears on the history timeline caused by geographical location and neighborhood of the two powerful countries- Russia and Germany, or maybe strong affiliation to the country and culture which makes them too proud to expose their qualities to the world?

What do the Poles nation hide?

What do the Poles nation hide?


Even if you are not going to visit Poland, I hope that this article brought you closer to understanding the quote of Polish poet Jan Kochanowski and Poles who use to say:

“And let the other nations always know

That the Poles are not geese, that they have their own language.”

What are your reasons to visit Poland?