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Visiting Poland and skipping Museum Auschwitz- Birkenau is like a trip to Thailand without massage or Peru without exploring Machu Picchu. Do you want to know how to get there?

How to Get To Auschwitz

In general, main cities in Poland are quite well connected and there are multiple ways of transportation. Museum Auschwitz- Birkenau is the main tourist destination in Poland; hence you can be sure that you will find your option.

Krakow (Cracow)

Definitely, the best way of how to get to Auschwitz is a bus or mini-bus.

It will take you about 1 h 40 mins to get from Cracow to Auschwitz. Both, bus and mini-bus will take you off at the main gate of Museum Auschwitz.

You will pay as low as 9-12 PLN (about 3 Euro) each way.

Tickets are available on board.

The difference between bus and mini-bus is a frequency of departure and seat limit.

Mini-bus runs more frequent, but there are only about 16 seats. During the peak hours there are many people standing in between seats, hence there is a limited comfort and space. Timetable of mini-buses here .

If you decide on a bus (I recommend private company Lajkonik over public buses, which are old) your trip will be comfortable as you can be sure of sitting spot. You can check the schedule here

Compresses timetable of all carriers you can find here

Bus stop of all the carriers is at the Dworzec MDA (Main Bus Station of Krakow) next to the train station, Galeria Krakowska shopping mall or 500 meters walking down south from the corner of Rynek Glowny (Main Square).
Exact address on the Google Maps: Bosacka 18, 31-505 Krakow, Poland

Dworzec MDA (Main Bus Station) in Krakow (Cracow)

Dworzec MDA (Main Bus Station) in Krakow (Cracow)


Remember to wait for a bus before the scheduled time and make your place in a queue to avoid standing when traveling the mini-bus. It is not impossible to survive (I did it many times in my life, even whole 1,5h journey), but definitely less comfortable. There is also limited capacity in total and it may happen that you will be run out of space and have to wait for another bus/ mini-bus.

Traveling by Train

Definitely not recommended option. Less efficient and you take off the train on the train station where you have to walk or catch a taxi to the museum Auschwitz.

Traveling by Car

It is about 70- 90km depends on the selected route. You can decide for paid-highway or one of the un-paid regional roads. Depends on the traffic it is about 1h20m- 1h40m. I recommend un-paid route via Zarki and Brodla. Firstly, it is the shortest route. Secondly, you can explore small cities and villages on the way.

How to get to Auschwitz (Oswiecim) from Krakow (Cracow) by car

How to get to Auschwitz (Oswiecim) from Krakow (Cracow) by car


The option is definitely worth to consider when you are the group of at least 4 people to divide cost. The price will vary somewhere in between 250- 400 PLN (60 – 100 Euro) depends on the agreements with a driver. You can set up the price before and definitely, you can get some discount if decide for a round-trip.If you are looking for a reliable taxi driver, fluent in English, full of knowledge and professional asset I recommend to contact:

Name: Artur Janeczko
Mobile +48 509559468
He has got either cars or bus for 8-people if you are more numerous group.

Warszawa (Warsaw)

To get to Auschwitz (Oswiecim) from Warsaw by public transport you have to travel to Katowice (Silesia) or Krakow (Cracow) first. However, you can always consider renting a car. It will take your 4 hours’ drive.

If you decide to catch a train first, make sure that you have enough time to change the trains. Polish railways are famous for their lack of punctuality.

Warsaw to Oswiecim by car

Warsaw to Oswiecim by car


Prague (Czech Republic), Vienna (Austria), Budapest (Hungary)


Condition of Polish trains may vary and depends on the destination. In general, Poles do not like trains due to delays and limited frequency. However, there are some destinations where to/ from you travel that I can recommend this type of transport of the way of how to get to Auschwitz.

Recommended for people who travel to / from:
• Prague (Czech Republic)
• Budapest (Hungary)
• Vienna (Austria)

You can check departures and arrivals on this website.

In terms of comfort it is reasonable option, but worse than European standards. However, International connections have sleeping cars so you can save the budget for accommodation.

Price depends on the season and time of booking. I recommend to book in advance. To Prague you can get for around 150- 300 PLN (about 40-80 Euro).

Frequency: One a day


You can also consider getting first to Krakow (Cracow) and then catch a FlixBus. It is cheap, fast and frequently. They guarantee the best price and  as they advertise themselves on the websiteYou can explore Europe from just €5! FlixBus travels to over 1,700 destinations in 28 European countries”.

Flixbus. Source: https://www.flixbus.com/company/partners

Flixbus. Source: https://www.flixbus.com/company/partners

Other Cities

You can check all the other available options and connections on this website. There you can also book your ticket. Unfortunately, booking system is in Polish language, so remember to use the translation option available by Google. Anyway, you can check out here all the ways of how to get to Auschwitz.

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