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Are you planning to visit Poland and you wondering about safety in Poland? Do you want to know what to be aware of when traveling to Poland?

Safety in Poland

Poland has been classified in Top 20 safest countries to travel around the world by SafeAround. Further, SafeAround assessed potential categories of risk:

  • Low Risk:
    • Overall
    • Transport & Taxis
    • Natural disaster
    • Terrorism attack
    • Women travelers
    • Mugging
  • Medium risk:
    • Pickpockets
    • Scams

If you ask me “is Poland safe?” I would say that general safety in Poland in on the good level. However, below there are some tips to increase your safety in Poland when either live or travel.

Residential blocks

Poland is the post-communist country where the residential blocks characteristic for this period mark their presence very strongly. To this day, they are mostly social flats, which are inhabited by people with a statistically worse economic situation. This is also the place which I warn you to be due to a potential risk of experiencing crime. I do not want to say that all the people there are bad or everywhere is a potential hazard waiting for you (especially, I was growing up on one of them). However, when I was a kid, I was avoiding being on other housing estates even I was more local and compatriot. Let’s say that there may be an organized group of friends who just do not want the strangers to be on their territory. They may ask you for money or just looking for teasing. In particular, watch out for evening walks in these areas and groups of people sitting on a bench under a block or on a beater.

But once again, it does not mean that it is a risk in general, but for sure, these are the places where the potential risk is higher.

To increase your safety in Poland try to avoid post-communist residential blocks

To increase your safety in Poland try to avoid post-communist residential blocks

Driving a car

Depends on the country of your origin remember that in Poland there is right-hand traffic (the steering wheel is mounted on the left side). In addition, most cars have manual transmissions instead of automatic and changing gears with the right hand can be an additional issue.

Nevertheless, the potential threat that anyone can experience and should be aware of is fast driving. People in Poland love speeding and to break the driving rules. That makes road safety in Poland below standards. Hence, do not be surprised if cars overtake you regularly or when you hear horn even you drive as prescribed.

One more thing that is different than in Asian counties. In Poland, people horn to curse you, not to cheer you.

Getting drunk

Poland is famous for one of the highest places in the ranking among countries that consume the most alcohol each year. Wherever you go, there is alcohol available. You can buy it at every petrol station, restaurant or grocery shop around the corner. Poles love to drink. And no, it’s not just wine and beer or drinking at dinner.

In addition, Polish alcohol is quite strong. Most of the beers are between 5.5-6.0 %; there is variety selection of vodka available which is 40% volume. Every time, you meet a local friend (especially when you hang out) they will welcome you by drink and will expect that you toast with them and wish each other “na zdrowie” (eng. Cheers!).

Concluding, if you do not get used to drinking a lot then drink responsibly. But remember, Poles will not forgive you if you refuse them. You will not forgive yourself as well and the price of alcohol in Poland is so cheap that it is a sin not to take advantage

Exchange rates of the currency

In the majority of money changers, there is no fixed one-time currency exchange fee. However, exchange offices have very different exchange rates and live on it. You will be surprised how the exchange rate can vary even in businesses located at a distance of several meters.

Then, remember to always compare the prices in a few exchange offices. You can always ask for a quote beforehand.

Supporters and marches

Poland is famous for its dangerous stadiums and football fighters. Often, being a supporter of one club, you cannot feel safe in the company of another club’s supporters. Therefore, avoid places where the football match takes place. In addition, do not wear any scarfs, hats or clothes with a logo even if it is an international club.

Also, pay attention not to wear religious symbols other than Christian one, do not display too much originality or do not show off your cultural uniqueness. Poles are not used to it and have a strong feeling for their country and beliefs. They try to keep Poland what it is, without the interference of international customs and trends. They are proud of their country and autonomy. This national integrity helped them many times to survive on the map of the world. An example of this sort of behaviors and the event especially risky for foreigners is the Independence March organized each year in November on the streets of Warsaw.

Safety In Poland - Hooligans on stadiums

Safety In Poland – Hooligans on stadiums

Taxi drivers

This is the problem not only in Poland but in general. It is not a secret that some of the taxi drivers like to choose the longest route.  They simply drive around in order to keep you as their client for a longer time, what raises the price on the taxi-meter.

Therefore, always track your route via Google maps.

Have you already visited Poland? What is your opinion about safety in Poland?