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Are you traveling to Poland and you wondering how to organize your first pre-paid SIM Card in Poland, how to process with SIM Card registration and how much to spend on the calls or pre-paid internet data? This article will give you the tips about using a cell phone in Europe or more specifically in Poland.

There are in total 21 different Sim card providers, but four the most popular are:
• Orange
• Play
• Plus GSM
• T-Mobile


Sim Card in Poland operators

Which SIM Operator Should I Select

It depends what is your purpose of stay in Poland. As many companies as many varieties of deals. For those who are going to live in Poland, I recommend comparing the offer at the particular time (from my experience the best deals come from Play Mobile and Lebara).

However, most of the people who read this article travel to Poland just temporary. Hence- select one of the TOP 4 operators- Orange, Play Mobile, Plus GSM or T-Mobile. Why? You need to do your SIM card registration to activate phone calls and pre-paid internet data usage. The best way to do it is to find to the local mobile operator shop where the sellers will help you with the SIM Card registration. Operators which are mentioned above are the only four who provide face-to-face service.

Where To Buy SIM Card in Poland?

You can buy a pre-paid SIM Card or top-up voucher in almost every:
• convenience store
• shopping mall
• petrol station
• kiosk

However, the most recommended is to go directly to the shop of the selected operator. The reason is the card must do SIM Card registration to start using it. Some sellers in the easy-accessible shops may not have known how to do it for internationals or some language barriers may appear.


Lounge of Play- the shop where you can buy SIM Card in Poland

Where To Recharge / Top-up Pre-paid SIM Card

You can top-up your account in a convenience store, shopping mall, petrol station or kiosk by voucher (coupon) or you can provide your phone number at the counter and get a top-up straight away. Thus, if you select the second option (easier) have your mobile number handy to show that you can provide it easily to the person at the teller.

How To Do SIM Card Registration in Poland?

Everything that you need for SIM Card registration is your passport or another identity document (if you are EU or Switzerland citizen). You will also be asked for your name, surname, and date of birth.

Where can you register the number? The safest way is simply to go to the operator’s lounge. The employees there have been thoroughly trained in this circumstance, so you can be sure that the procedure will go smoothly and safely.

If you cannot go to the operator’s lounge, or you decided for one of the “virtual operators” (those who do not have lounges), there are multiple other options waiting for you:

  1. To do your SIM Card registration by the Internet. To do so, you can visit the website of the provider
  2. To ask the person at the teller where you bought the card and ask if he/ she is able to activate your card

How Long The Activation Takes?

Usually, it takes up to 1-2 hours. However, in some particular situations and during technical issues it may take up to 24 hours. If you experience a long time of activation I suggest asking one of the local people to call to the helpline in charge of you and clarify if there is everything that required to activate your card provided.

How Much Does Pre-paid Internet Data Package And Phone Calls Cost

To introduce you- extremely frequently changing offers of mobile network operators makes me unable to guarantee any price and update this website on the change-basis. There are also multiple and different features which may affect the price and meet your expectations, for example, you may only need pre-paid internet data package or just calls.
Conclusion: discuss your dedicated options with selected provider.

However, to provide you estimated costs and roughly options I am presenting you a current offer of Play Mobile below. It is an operator I usually select when traveling to Poland:

Internet prepaid data (valid for one month):
• 600 MB – 5 PLN (About 1,30 Euro)
• 2 GB – 9 PLN (About 2 Euro)
• 6 GB – 20 PLN (About 4,50 Euro

To activate your pre-paid Internet data package you need to simply top-up your SIM card with a selected amount and then send a text message to the telephone number indicated by the operator (usually mentioned about it on the starter-pack of your SIM Card where current offers are presented).

To make a phone call you will need additional balance on your SIM Card. Usually, as a standard, there are free phone calls within the same service (if you have Play Mobile you can call unlimited to Play Mobile). The other services: 0,29 PLN per minute of a phone call (0,07 Euro) or 0,19 PLN (0,05 Euro) per text message.

There is also unlimited internet data for 7 days:


Unlimited Internet for 1-week Starter Pack

International calls from Poland

There is a good news if you want to call abroad within European Union countries as you will pay as little as the standard fee provided above (0,29 PLN per minute of a phone call) + 0,06 PLN, if you call to someone, or 0, 29 PLN + 0,03 PLN if you receive a phone call*

*Once again, confirm current prices with the operator. Provided information based on prices from 10/07/2018 in Play Mobile
** Remember, that Poland calling code (country code) is +48 or 0048 (if calling from landlines)