Czesć & Sawadee-ka!

We are Palczewski family, but you can call us Katin & Adrian.

Are you curious how we look like?

Zakopane. Visit Poland in 2016

That’s us- Katin & Adrian in Zakopane. Visit Poland in 2016

Actually, we look much better in real-life, but we want to present you a bit of street art from Poland. The same, as we want to serve information about Poland on the pages of this website. On Surprise Poland we provide a large number of practical tips and somewhat history. Both enriched by beautiful pictures. What we want to warn you about is the fact that we use a filter of a person who was growing up in Poland for 23 years. A person, who was born in 1989- the year of political system transformation in Poland. A person, who decided to live abroad, but has never forgotten about Poland, who wants to talk about “Her” and help others to understand  “The country over the Vistula”.  A person name, or actually, saying more precisely my name, is Adrian and you can ask me whatever you want in regards to my homeland as my mission is to discover undiscovered for people who want to call Poland a bit different than “Forgotten Country”.

We write this website together with Katin, who is not just a wife for me but primarily she inspired me as she allowed Poland to surprise her. Katin comes from Thailand who thought about Europe and dreamt of bypassing Poland with a wide arc and visit neighboring countries. However, she became “daughter-in-law” by giving a visit to Poland. She wants to share her findings and encourage you to explore the country which uses the eagle in the crown as their emblem and to visit Poland.

We both love to travel and try to understand the countries we visit. Every time we meet up people who make our experience unforgettable, so we want to pay back by giving you the same. We know that not many websites discuss Poland so we hope that you will enjoy and become charmed by our stories we want to share with you. If you have not found the information you were looking for- contact us and let us catch the backs!

Be surprised, visit Poland.

Katin & Adrian