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Going on a trip to Poland and wondering what currency to use? How the currency in Poland looks like?

A currency in Poland is Polish Zloty written with a international symbol PLN, or shortname zl in Poland. There are some places (i.e. hotels, tourist attractions), but it is very rare that you can use Euro or Dollars. Hence, it is recommended to exchange your currency and operate with Polish Zloty.

How much is Polish Zloty worth?

Of course, exchage rate vary on the daily basis, but the more or less calculating price is:

Polish Zloty Other currency
4.50 PLN 1 EUR
3.50 PLN 1 CHF
3.50 PLN 1 USD

Why did I only mention EUR, CHF, GBP and USD? Because these are the most popular foreign currencies in Poland and having them with you to exchange is the best solution. Because they are popular, you can also get a good exchange rate. Usually, currencies which are less popular have very unfavorable rate. There is not a big demand on them, so the owner of the currency exchange have to calculate his risk by lowering the price.

Average rate of the mentioned currencies and the others you can check here

How Polish Zloty looks like?

Currency in Poland is divided into banknotes (10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 PLN) and coins (0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.50, 1, 2, 5 PLN.

Every value over 1 is called= Zloty or Zlotys (if many of them)

Decimal parts (equivalent of cents) are Groszy. 

For example 10,58 PLN is 10 Zlotys and 58 Groszy.

Currency in Poland- coins

Currency in Poland- coins

Use banknotes or coins

In general, there is a big demand on coins as there are:

  • not enough in turnover
  • prices of many products are still below 10 Zlotys, so usually, many bills have decimal value

Remember to have coins especially in places like public transport or when you pay for a product which costs you a small amount (everything below 2 PLN). Do not be surprised if someone will refuse to accept your money if you pay 100 PLN note for a 3 PLN bill.

Who are the faces on banknotes

Currency in Poland - banknotes

Currency in Poland – banknotes

Faces on the banknotes are Polish former kings such as:

  • 10 zl-Mieszko I
  • 20 zl-Boleslaw Chrobry
  • 50 zl-Kazimierz Wielki
  • 100 zl-Wladysław Jagiello
  • 200 zl-Zygmunt Stary

Which banknote or coin from currency in Poland you like the most?